Linear Consumption to Circular Mycotech replace ‘end-of-live’ concept with restoration, shift towards the use of renewable sources, eliminate of toxic chemical, which impair reuse and aims for the elimination of waste through the superior design of material.

By researching and producing composite building materials from agricultural waste using low technology that bind with mushroom mycielia, we address a range of economic, environmental and socio-cultural issues, bring together material and bio-engineers and architects, and propagate an integrated system of crop cultivation and crop waste management. We promote a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving that ensures a transfer of knowledge across various disciplines in an investigative framework.

Recycling and appreciation of agricultural waste: Burning waste crops is one of the main causes of environmental pollution. We help alleviate this by raising economic interest in the recycling of these “waste” materials to generate extra income for the farmers. Furthermore, the boards produced are bonded with natural mushroom based adhesive. This is environment friendly, and the technology can be easily transferred to the local industry. via Mycotech

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