Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani Sutra (大寶廣博樓閣陀羅尼經)



No. 1005A [Nos. 1006, 1007]

Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani Sutra



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No. 1005A [Nos. 1006, 1007]

Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani Sutra



Namah sarva tathagatanam. Om vipula grahbe mani prabhe tathagata nidarsane mani mani suprabhe vimale sagara gambhire hum hum jvala jvala Buddha vilokite guhya dhistita garbhe svaha.

According to what has been described in sutra, this Dharani is victorious. The Buddha achieves nirvana from here. And it is also from here that the Buddha subdued demons. It can purify unholy obstacles and accomplishes the 6 paramitas. If the above mandala is drawn on a piece of paper and paste onto the wall of a pavilion or building, and that anyone who momentarily see or recites, or heard and wears the mandala with him. And anyone who touched by him, then the person’s 5 types of unforgiveable sins (五逆), 4 types of serious sins (四重) and 10 bad deeds (十惡) etc. shall be purified. This person shall be devoid of knife inflicted injuries, he shall not be poisoned, he shall not be harmed by fire and water disasters, he shall not be harmed by robbers and demons. He shall not suffer from malaria, epidemics or any other illness and sufferings. He shall be blessed and prosperous. Whatever he desires shall be fulfilled. When his life ended, he shall be comforted by the Buddha and he shall be born in Pure Land. If the shadow of this mandala is casted upon, or dusts fallen from the mandala onto any animals, birds, flies, moth, mosquito, horseflies, insects etc; then all of them shall be liberated.

Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani Sutra


Translated by Amoghavajra (不空三藏)

Preface Chapter One (序品第一)

As I heard, at one time the Bhagavan was staying in Rajagrha (王舍大城), during prathama-saṃnipāta (初會), the Buddha subdued one Koti mara soldiers (俱知魔軍). And that he has also subdued all heretics (外道). The Buddha has left the cycle of life and death (捨離生死) and passed all turbulent flows (渡諸瀑流). At that time, Nayuta number (one million) and hundreds thousands if not 10 trillions of Kinkara (兢伽羅) mara army filled the whole Jambudvīpa (遍贍部洲). So, the Buddha uses his magical power to transform the earth into vajra.

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This has protected all living creatures in Jambudvipa from fear, and at that time the weapons of Mara Army that fell as if rains transformed into flowers. A large lotus emerged from the four way cross junction in the Rajagrha. The flower has one thousand petals and it is adorned with 7 types of precious items. It has gold as its stage and the stem of glass and the height of the lotus reached to Brahmaloka (梵天). It emitted various bright lights towards the ten directions. A voice emitted from the lotus speaking the Vigilance Dharani (警覺陀羅尼):

Namo sarva tathagati visu gati sakti nidar’sane om mani vajri hrih naya vajri mara saniye vinara pani hana hana vajra gambhira sayabhira saya sarva mara bhava nani hum hum sandhara sandhara Buddha maître sarva tathagatagata vajra garbhe dhistitadi svaha.

After the lotus emitted the above Vigilance Dharani, it subsequently also emitted various melodious sounds filling the tri-sahasra-mahā-sahasra (三千大千世界/world). The melodies praised: “Sadhu Sakya-muni tathagata (釋迦牟尼如來)! You have passed the ocean of live and death and subdued the armies of Mara. You have left all worries and ignorance; and lit the light of dharma. Due to the merits of this dharani, the earth has transformed into vajra hence subdued armies of Mara.”

At this time Vajrasattva Bodhisattva (金剛手祕密主菩薩) was happy and jumping with joy with his body hair stood upright. He bowed to the feet of Buddha and said: “Blessed one, which Buddha obtained this dharani during prathama-saṃnipāta (初會)? I have not heard of this dharani before in the past or in all of the worlds?”

On hearing that, the Buddha told Vajrasattva Bodhisattva: “There is indeed a secret Dharani called “Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani”. From the merits of this victorious dharani, it can transform the tri-sahasra-mahā-sahasra (world) into vajra and all of weaponries of Mara into flowers. Due to the power of this dharani, he subdued Maras and all koti sentient beings. Due to the victorious power of this dharani, lotus came out from the cross roads.”

The Buddha further commented to Vajrasattva: “I would not have not achieved nirvana if not due to this dharani, I would not have subdued the koti maras. I would not have exhausted the sea of worries. I would not have lit the torch of dharma. Vajrasattva, since unlimited kalpa-koti (百千劫/long) time, I have experienced various duskara-caryā (雖難行苦行/difficulties) and yet failed to achieve enlightenment. It is due to hearing and the empowerment of this dharani that all the tathagatas achieved enlightenment.”

Vajrasattva hence said: “The merits of reciting this dharani are equal to that of praising the names of all tathagatas of ten directions. If one can recite this dharani, he shall become Vajrasattva himself who worships and supports all tathagatas (一切如來).” After saying so, Vajrasattva Bodhisattva Mahasattva offered various flowers and various incense pastes and fragrant powders to the Buddha. After he has finished the offerings, he then encircling the Buddha from the right three times and prostrated onto the feet of Buddha and said to Buddha: “Blessed one, this dharani are super victorious and extremely sacred. My only hope is that you would preach this dharani to all sentient beings so that this world would give rise to all kinds of sacred merits, and that all sentient beings, especially the lesser kuśala-mūla (善根/wise) ones; have the opportunity to listen to this dharani. This is because this dharani equals to the body of tathagata and the dharmata (法性/dharma nature) of sarira (舍利).”

At the same time, the Buddha told Vajrasattva Bodhisattva: “You Vajrasattva and all your disciples are stupid and are not diligent in your practices. You are easily fooled, ignorant and slow; you tend to grasp on to worldly desires and refuse to trust the dharma. You do not respect your parents, śramaṇa (沙門/monks), Brahmans and ārya(尊者/sage). That is the reason this dharani did not fall into your hands. You are alpa-punya (薄福/unfortunate), lack of jñāna (智/wisdom) and lack of adhiprajñā (慧/greater wisdom). This type of sentient beings shall not hear it. They cannot recite as they cannot give rise to prasāda (淨信/pure faith). This type of dharani can purify all sins. It is the secret treasure of tathagatas.

After that, the Buddha further said to Vajrasattva: “Virtuous man, I will now tell you. From the east of this world passes uncountable koti nayuta (那庾多/trillion) of Buddha worlds. There is a world called ‘Precious Lantern’ (寶燈) which is made from 7 types of treasures. Its city walls measure one Yojana (由旬/40 miles). All of people lives in peace, abundance and happy. All of the men and women, boys and girls are all adorned with muktahara (瓔珞), wearing beautiful precious crowns on their heads. Their appearances are all perfect and solemn and they are victorious. They are brave, diligent, hardworking, wise and all perfect.  They are masters of all trades. The king of the town is known as ‘Wonderful Jewel’ (妙寶). He has 80 Koti numbers of ministers assisting and encircling him. His queen is called ‘Jewel of Light’ (光明寶). She has 20,000 attendants serving her. All of these servants are as if devi (天女) and that these devi serves their queen front and back. All of the flowers, trees and fragrant trees are also of seven treasures. The flowers grown in waters are all of seven treasures. While all flowers grown on land are of jambū-nada-suvarna (閻浮檀金/precious gold). All of the dwellers of this country have an age of 80,000 kalpa. All of these folks are accomplishers of daśa-kuśala-karma-patha (十善業道/the 10 good karmas). All of them also have vowed in front of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha to maintain pure faith. The king rules with true Dharma and not with adharma (not true dharma).

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His majesty always helps his subjects. There is a Buddha in that world named abhirūpa-mani-citra-śuddha- sthāpite-tathāgata-samyak-saṃbuddha (端嚴摩尼種種清淨建立如來應正等覺). The Buddha achieved enlightenment in that particular world and that this Buddha has carried out many buddha-kārya (佛事/Buddha matters). The Buddha is accompanied by countless of Boddhisattva-Mahasattva and Koti numbers of Mahavidyadhara. The Buddha is purple-gold in colour, dvātrijśan mahā-purusa-laksanāni (三十二相/32 appearances) and aśīty anuvyañjanāni (八十隨形好/80 good shapes). His round light is one vyāma (一尋/8 feet) in diameter. His light is all encompassing as if the lights of 7 treasures shine with intensity. The bodies of bodhisattvas are all golden and shinning with bright light. All of them are seated on lotus seats made of 7 treasures. They are all pratibhāna-saṃpanna (辯才無礙/articulate) with unobstructed wisdoms. All of them are unanimously thinking of Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani.

It is due to the power of this Dharani, that it gives rise to guṇa-viśeṣa (殊勝功德/excellent merit). The Buddha preached this Dharani for the benefits of sentient beings. Due to hearing this Dharani, all sentient beings are constantly in ease and peace. Those sentient beings shall leave hell and tiryagyoni/animal (傍生) and the realm of Yama (焰魔界) and Asaru (阿脩羅身). All shall achieve mukti/liberated (解脫). And all doors to durgati/bad incarnations (惡趣) shall be shut. All doors to svarga-gati/good incarnations (善趣) shall be opened.

All of the sentient beings in that world are living in anuttara-bodhi (無上菩提) and that they also living with compassionate hearts as if milk mixes with water. When the Buddha was still practising bodhisattva-path a very long time ago, he made a vow when he was practicing this Dharani method: “All sentient beings that are born in my ksetra/land (剎土), they shall determine to achieve non-retrogressed (不退轉) anuttara-bodhi.

If any sentient beings heard this Dharani, uphold and recites it diligently, and that they constantly think of it without letting go, then he shall achieve mahā-siddhi (大成就). It is up to such a stage that by listening the Dharani or by hand touch, or by wearing or seen by eyes, or written on a scripture, or a piece of cloth, or on a wall; then when all sentient beings see it, all severe sins (五逆四重), defaming dharma and sage (聖人). The hunters, butcher, executioner, cooks, nava (喃婆/9 matters), pulkasaya (布羯娑/low class candela), the blind, the deaf, the slouch, the one hated by others, leprosy, poor, inferior, those without stable work, those possessed by demons, those with heterodox views, those disturbed by Vinayaka (毘那夜迦), those harmed by bad stars (惡星) and those harmed by sapta grahāḥ (七曜/7 planets). All the above people once hear this Dharani, they shall prove anuttara-adhigama (無上正覺). Even beings such as animals: deers, birds, mosquitoes, horseflies, moth, ants and other egg born, uterine birth, avātara (化生), saṃsveda-ja (濕生/water born) and other types of sentient beings. After hearing this Dharani, they shall achieve anuttara-samyak-sambodhi (阿耨多羅三藐三菩提/ unexcelled complete enlightenment). Hence, one should not doubt.”

After the Buddha has finished talking, all sentient beings were extremely happy, all of their hairs stood up. At this time the sky rained padma/lotus (芬陀利花),  puṇḍarīka /white lotus (芬陀利花), māndāra/coral tree (曼陀羅花) and mahāmandārava/large white lotus (摩訶曼陀羅華). Various heavenly melodies and drums heard in the air, at that time everyone in the assembly emitted light. A prāsāda (樓閣/lofty building) made of 7 treasures was emitted in front of the tathagata. The building is solemn and yet beautiful and it was a pleasure to watch it. The building has 4 pillars with 4 doors and 4 stairways brightly lit. At the four corners of the building are four treasures as bright as the sun. There are uncountable numbers of mani jewels decorating in the nets. There are countless of precious bells (寶鐸) hanging on it. The building is decorated with many silk banners (繒幡) and various beautiful flowers hanging down in a criss-cross manner. At this time, the earth experienced 6 types of vibrations. So-called: move, shake, vibrate, roar, surge and overwhelm. All of the devapura (天宮/abode of gods) were filled with light. Where the lights go, people became enlightened. The four heavenly kings (四大天王) and magicians (持明仙) also acted the same. All māra-bhavana/devil’s palaces (魔宮) were burning fiercely, all the barrier makers Vinayaka were stunned with fear; all of them ran towards 10 directions while crying aloud.

At this time, bright light emitted from in between the Buddha’s brows. This light emitted towards all 10 directions alerting Buddha of all lands. After sent out the warning light, the light returned into top of the Buddha. At the same time, Buddhas of 10 directions praised śākya-munis tathāgataḥ (釋迦牟尼如來): “Sadhu, sadhu Sakya-munis tathagatah, now we can go to the world of precious lantern abhirūpa-mani- citra-śuddha- sthāpite-tathāgata. This enables the sentient beings to follow, pay respects and make offerings. In addition to be able to hear this Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani method, and the reasons why this dharani is victorious and it has great functions. This dharani is empowered by all tathagatas in the past. Anyone who heard this dharani, form the name to actual touching it, this person shall achieve non-retrogressing proving anuttarāṃ samyak-saṃbodhim (無上正覺果).”

At this time, Sakya-munis tathagatah heard the invitation of all of the tathagatahs of 10 directions, he then emitted unlimited koti of hundreds thousands billions of lights and then told the assembly and said: “Now I want to go to the world of precious lantern. The time has come; you all should quickly follow me immediately.” Then the tathagatah rose from his seat and moved towards the 7 treasures building and touched it with his own hands. A beautiful vajra lion throne suddenly came out from the building. The throne was made of 7 treasures and it is solemn as well as outstanding. Everyone was happy to see it. A lotus is then grown on top of the throne which was made of 7 treasures, with gold as its stem and red ruby as its platform. The Buddha then sat on the lotus seat.

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The world was vibrating severely; the tathagatah immediately entered mahā-ratna-śuddha-samādhi (大寶清淨三摩地) and used his samadhi power to console all sentient beings. And he ascended into space, together with a congregation of retinues and all maha-sattva retinues, deva, nagas, yakṣa, gandharvas, asuras, gaudas, kinaras, mahoragas, humans and non-humans. Unlimited koti numbers of magicians, vajrasattva, Indra, Brahma and the loka-pāla (護世/world protectors) and catvāro mahā-rājāḥ (四大天王) etc. All ascended into the space on the east direction. They passed uncountable koti number of nayuta (millions) hundred thousands of Buddha lands. At a split of a second, they arrived at the Ratna-dipa-loka-dhātu (寶燈世界/ Precious Lantern World). They then descended onto the abhirūpa-mani-citra-śuddha- sthāpite-tathāgata (端嚴摩尼種種清淨建立如) place. The Buddha paid respect to śākya-munis and hoped that śākya-munis healthy, happy and staying well. At this time, śākya-munis presented a thousand-petal-seven treasure lotus to that Buddha. At that time, that tathagatah was at a congregation at deva-bhavana (天妙宮殿/heavenly palace), he opened his golden arms to console śākya-munis-tathāgata-samyak-saṃbuddha (釋迦牟尼應正等覺). After the consolation, the tathagatah sat back into the precious lofty building. He told śākya-munis: “The Bhagavan has turned the maha dharma chakra (大法輪) and subdued the army of Mara, hence lit the huge torch of dharma (法炬) and establish the dharma banner (法幢). He struck the big drum of dharma and blown the dharma-śaṅkha (conch of dharma). He has performed Buddhist rituals in that world and proven sarva-jña-jñāna (薩婆若智/Ultimate wisdom). The Bhagavan now again turned the second dharma wheel (第二法輪). He should open up saddharma-gañja (正法藏/proper dharma treasure) in Jambu-dvīpa (閻浮提).”

Once the word is said, there were 18 types of movements in all Buddha lands. So-called movements: extreme movement, all encompassing movement, shaking, extreme shaking, all encompassing shaking, vibration, extreme vibration, all encompassing vibration, roar, extreme roar, all encompassing roar, strike, extreme strike and all encompassing strike, rushing, extreme rushing and all encompassing rushing. At this time, the sky rains beautiful flowers and vikurvana (miracles) is shown in the sky. Various music and melodies filled the sky, sounding of drums (without drums) were heard; all in all the sounds are extremely pleasing.

In addition Kumārajīva (天子/demigods) were also playing various musical instruments. All of the deva-nāga (天龍) raining various treasures, various perfumes, various chandana (旃檀香水/sandalwood) perfumes, various garments and various ornaments. It even rained deva-lohitamuktikā (天妙赤珠/red pearls), agate (馬瑙), Virocana greater treasure of sun (毘盧遮那大寶日藏), love of sun and moon (月愛日愛), auspicious treasures (吉祥藏), the great mani treasures (大摩尼寶), Udambara flower (烏鉢囉蓮華), Kumuda flower (俱勿頭蓮華), puṇḍarīka (芬陀利蓮華) flower, māndāra flower (曼陀羅華), deva-jāmbū-nada-suvarṇa flower (天妙閻浮檀金華), silver flowers (銀花), pearls.

All demigods were in the space producing happy and praising melodies, transmitting the news: “Sadhu, sadhu Sakya-munis-tathagatah, now you are again turning dharma-chakra at this place. And you are setting up greater wonderful jewel of dharma banner in Jambu-dvīpa. So-calledVipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani teaching is now prevalent in Jambu-dvīpa. At this time abhirūpa-mani-citra-śuddha- sthāpite-tathāgata-samyak-saṃbuddha released bright light from in between his brows that shown towards Buddha lands of 10 directions, alerting all tathagatah. And again the light shines tri-sahasra-mahā-sahasra-loka-dhātu (三千大千世界/ 3000 worlds) and devapuras (天宮/abode of gods) and naga palaces (龍宮), all hells, animal realms (傍生), Yama realms, Asaru realms. All were warned by this ever encompassing light and finally the light is returned by encircling the Buddha, Sakya-munis-tathagatah three times and entered into the tathagata’s head.

At this time, tathagatahs of all 10 directions and in uncountable numbers of worlds, each of them created miracles on their own lands. After creating the miracles in their worlds, they again create miracles by materializing the 7 treasure lofty building. Inside the building, there was a jāmbū-nada-suvarṇa lion throne. All of the tathagatah and retinues entered and be seated inside the lofty building. At this time abhirūpa-mani-citra-śuddha- sthāpite-tathāgata-samyak-saṃbuddha came and consoled these tathagatahs. He uses his magical power to create sumptuous offerings. After enjoyed the offerings, the tathagatahs sat on their thrones.

Then there was a Manigarbha Bodhisattva Mahasattva (摩尼藏菩薩摩訶薩) came to abhirūpa-mani-citra-śuddha- sthāpite-tathāgata-samyak-saṃbuddha and prostrated onto the Buddha’s feet and said: “Blessed one, now in this assembly: all tathagatahs, bodhisattvas, deva, naga, yaksa, gandharvas, asuras, gaudas, kinaras, mahoragas, humans and non-humans and together with magicians. So-called the pramukha (上首/president) should be the Vajrasattva together with maha-sattva in performing greater miracles. Hopefully you would preach about this Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani. Now is the time. So I shall make the second and the third supplications.”

At this time abhirūpa-mani-citra-śuddha- sthāpite-tathāgata-samyak-saṃbuddha told Manigarbha Bodhisattva Mahasattva and said: “You should go to Sakya-munis-tathagatah’s place and make supplication to him and he shall preach to you.” And Manigarbha Bodhisattva went to Sakya-munis-tathagatah-samyak-sambuddha’s place, encircled the Buddha for 3 times and then Manigarbha put his hands in prayer’s position and prostrated to Buddha. After that he proceed to the Buddha and said: “Blessed one, now I implore you to preach about Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharanifor the benefit of all sentient beings.”

On hearing the supplication of Manigarbha Bodhisattva, he told Vajrasattva Bodhisattva: “Vajrasattva, you go to the congregation and use the vajra to strike onto the earth.” So, the Vajrasattva accepted the Buddha’s order and proceeded to the bodhi-manda (道場/preaching place) and struck the earth with his vajra. As soon as he has struck the ground, the earth cracked. At this time, tri-sahasra-mahā-sahasra-loka-dhātu experienced 6 types of vibrations. From where the earth cracked, a 7 treasures lofty building emerged. This building is square with four pillars and 4 doors.

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It is citra/wonderful (嚴麗), special, good looking and completely furnished. It has bright and dīpta/glowing four flights way. The building is as high as 3 yojana (120 miles) and 5 yojana (200 miles) wide on all four sides. There was a jāmbū-nada-suvarṇa-stupa (閻浮檀金窣覩波) in the lofty building, and it is decorated with various mani/prescious pearls. The building is covered by 7 treasures net and unlimited numbers of precious bells hung at all four corners. There are various flowers and variegated silk fabrics (繒綵) crisscrossing in between. There are 3 tathagatah bodies in the stupa.

At the same time, all tathagatahs and all bodhisattva assembly made offerings to the three tathagatahs in the stupa in the lofty building. So-called: flower garlands, burning incense, incense paste, powder incense, banners and canopies. They played various musics and held their hands in prayer position. Also the deva, naga, yaksa, gandharvas, asuras, gaudas, kinaras, mahoragas, humans and non-humans etc all paid their respects to the 3 tathagatahs.  All of them gave rise to especially rare heart and they said together: “From where this stupa in the lofty building came from?”

They all praised with a high pitch voice: “It is indeed strange and rare!”

And then the congregation encircling the stupa and sang songs, offered flowers, incense, incense paste, incense powder and melodies as offerings to the stupa in the lofty building. Their clasped their hands and bowed and stared at the stupa. Simultaneously, a voice emitted from the lofty building: “You all general public can look at the sky.” After the assembly heard this voice, they all looked at the sky and immediately saw a huge glassy cloud appeared in the sky. There were gold inscriptions of Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani. And again a voice came from the sky: “you all tathagatah and bodhisattva can read the dharani on this piece of precious cloud.” After saying so, a piece of glass cloud with golden dharani inscriptions appeared in front of all tathagatahs of all 10 directions.

Again a voice came out: “Namo Sakya-munis-tathagatah, now you can open the door of this stupa in this lofty building. There are 3 tathagatah bodies in this stupa. Because of these three tathagatahs in this congregation, I shall also speak of this Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani together with the mandala mantra accomplishment method.”

On hearing that, all tathagatahs from 10 directions all said unanimously: “It is our hope that Sakya-munis-tathagatah-samyak-sambuddha opens the door of this stupa for us. Let us meet the three tathagatahs, the so-called: Mana-puspa-dhvaja-raja-tathagatah (尼寶花幢王如來), Citra-mana-tathagatah (種種摩尼如來) and Vajra-vikrama-abhy-udgam-raja-tathagatah-samyak-sambuddha (金剛超涌王如來應正等覺).”

At this time, Sakya-munis-tathagatah showed miracles by approaching the stupa in that lofty building. He spread his extremely auspicious yet solemn golden arms to open the stupa door and hence showing the 3 tathagatahs. And the 3 tathagatahs said: “Sadhu! Sadhu! Sakya-munis-tathagatah, now you again turning dharma wheel in jambu-dvīpa (瞻部洲/human world). Bhagavan, please be seated in here.”

At this time Sakya-munis-tathagatah immideately ascended to the stupa and sat together with the 3 tathagatahs. Then Vajrasattva Bodhisattva Mahasattva bowed to Sakya-munis-tathagatah and spoke to Buddha: “Blessed one, now from where this lofty building and the 3 tathagatahs in the stupa came from?”

The Buddha said: “They are from the past an unbelievable and incomparable numbers of unlimited koti, in this Jambu-dvīpa (閻浮提), there were many people living in peace, stable, happy and in abundance. Where fragrance rice ripened without the need to be planted, people then didn’t differentiate each other and they also did not have savings. At that time, no Buddha was born. There is a king of precious mountain, and in the mountain dwelled 3 Lersis (仙): Mani-cuda (寶髻), Suvarna-cuda (金髻) and Vajra-cuda (金剛髻). This 3 Lersis decided to think of the Buddha, Dharma and Samgha gems. They again think: “When will we become Buddha, proven the anuttara-samyak-sambodhi (無上等正覺) in order to deliver all sentient beings. After the lersis made the thought, immediately thought of the previous thought; they immediately proven the sarva-sattva-karuna-sukha-citra-prasada-damadhi (諸有情慈心歡喜種種樓閣三摩地).

They obtained the heavenly eyes (天眼) and saw that up above in the śuddhāvāsa (淨居天) came a voice: “Sadhu! Sadhu! Righteous person can give rise to victorious mind (勝心). This is so-called anuttara-samyak-samboddhi heart (阿耨多羅三藐三菩提心). You not only have heard ofVipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani, in the past when all of thathagatas for the benefit of all sentient beings, already preached about it. Anyone who listened to this dharani, he shall achieve non-retrogressing unsurpassed boddhi. All tathagatahs must appear in front of him and that he shall prove all Samadhi. All dharani methods shall come before him and he shall be good at subduing armies of Mara. And he shall be able to light the torch of dharma; all of the kuśala-mūla (善根/good course) shall come before him. He shall fulfil the six paramitas (六波羅蜜). He shall be able to solve all troubles of hell, hungry ghosts, animals, yama and asaru; and also the sorrows of birth, old age, sicknesses, death, worrisome troubles. He shall achieve the permanent deliverance.

And he shall in future, in the Jambu-dvīpa/human world when people are unfilial (不孝父母), do not respect śramaṇa (沙門), brāhmana (婆羅門), vṛddha (耆舊/elders), defamation of dharma and arya/sage. They should be cast to hell. Defamation of all tathagatahs and bodhisattvas, kill arahats and created 5 types of unforgiveable sins (五無間罪), kill brahmana, slaughter cows, copycat, robbers, thieves, slanderers, those taking without asking (不與取者/adattādāna)…

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Lustful ones, instigators (離間), matchmakers (和合者), badmouths (雜染語者), dishonest businessmen, robbers, hiding properties of others, dishonest persons, bad karmas from previous lives and these type of sentient beings if they read, recite and chant this dharani; if they wear the dharani in their clothes, hang it on a banner, inscribe it, inscribe it on silk and on the wall and planks. Up to listening to the dharani and touched by hands and their shadows; and indirectly touching others and they decided to attain non-retrogressing anuttara samyak-samboddhi (enlightenment). They shall in this life obtain unlimited numbers of merits (功德). They shall stay away from various sins and accomplish all kusala-mula (善根/kindness) and also destroying all Maras. They shall be loved by others in all worlds; offerings shall be made to them where ever they go. All kings, princes, executioners, seraglio and retinues shall beloved them. All saramana and brahmana shall beloved them, their voice would be prestigious and solemn and like by all; their limbs shall be soft and elegant.

They shall stay away from poverty and that they shall not be harmed by: poisons, swords, staffs, water, fire and others. No fierce animals shall harm them, no fear of thieves or robbers. No fear of candela (thugs) or name (無喃/nama). They shall have no fear on highways or a small path. They shall have no fear about spirits, raksa, Visage (比舍遮). There is no fear of Dakini or poisonous snakes. For 1~4 days, cold malaria, common malaria and all malarias shall not be suffered by them. Sickness of eyes, ears, nose, tongues, teeth, lips, throats, necks and all branches of sicknesses, hands, back, waist, bellybutton, hemorrhoids, gonorrhea, Dysentery disease, Fistula sore, sick thigh disease, shin sore, foot disease, Ding sore, swollen disease, scrofula classes disease, Abdominal pain, scabies disease, blisters lame, scabies and ringworm, shall not be fallen onto these people.  No headaches, no blind, not blind, do not slouch. They shall not die in accidents, not deaf, not dumb, do not simply be bullied. All the above mentioned shall not be suffered by these people. They shall obtain unobstructed debate capabilities, and they shall die in peace. All tathagatahs shall present in front of them to comfort them. They shall not be harmed by black curses, they shall sleep well, and they shall dream of hundreds and thousands of Buddha stupas, and they shall see various tathagatah and bodhisattvas surrounding him. This is due to the power this secret dharani and hence harnessing these auspicious merits.”

After hearing what the heavenly voice has to say, the Lersis were happy to receive the dharma teaching and they became enthusiastic. They sacrificed their lives at the place where they stayed. Their bodies vanished into the earth as if ghee. Three bamboos emerged at that place, their stems are of gold and leaves are of 7 treasures. Pearls hung from their tips and they are always fragrance while emitting bright light. The bamboos were a joy to everyone who saw them.

After the bamboos have grown for 10 months, it automatically cracked and a kid emerged from each of the 3 bamboos. They are with perfect features and everyone was happy to see them. The kids have achieved the ‘supremely strict wonderful light good features’ (最勝端嚴光色殊麗相好成就). The 3 kids immediately meditate under the bamboo tree and all of them achieved enlightenment on the night of the 7th day. Their colour is gold with dvātrijśan mahā-purusa-laksanāni (三十二相/32 features) and aśīty-anuvyañjanāni (八十種好/80 good forms) with prabhā-maṇḍala (圓光/round halo lights) as decoration. At this time, the 3 bamboos transformed into 7 treasures lofty building. Also in the space, there was Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani in gold suddenly appeared. Then there were catvāro mahā-rājāḥ (四大天王/4 Heavenly Kings): Virapaksa (寶髻龍主天王), Vidradhaka (寶藏鳩槃茶主天王), Dhrita-rastra (殊妙光摩護囉誐主天王) and Vaisravana (摩尼金剛藥叉主天王). Each of the Heavenly Kings is holding a precious canopy covering above while chanted the merits of Buddha. The 4 Heavenly Kings have unlimited numbers of retinues and all of them are holding flowers as offerings. All of them spoken simultaneously: “Now Buddha the Blessed One emerged in this world.”

Then the Vajrasattva said: “Were the 3 lersis of previous years of different people? The 3 tathagatahs in this precious stupa in this precious lofty building are them. The three in the bamboos and now in this wonderful lofty building are them. The ones at that time, at that place; are the ones that are in this world at this time.

The 3 lersis were diligent in reciting this dharani so they all achieved enlightenment.”

So, Vajrasattva praised towards the sky: “If this dharani belonged to Śuddhāvāsadeva? And if you asked, then I am the one. Also there was a servant named śuddhāvāsa (淨居) who used to serve the three lersis. When all of the lersis achieved enlightenment, he still worshiped them and provided offerings. So, the tathagatahs gave vyākarana (授記/recognition) to śuddhāvāsa and said: “You shall become tathagatah in future; there is no difference with śuddhāvāsa and others. This is the same as with today’s abhirūpa-mani-citra-śuddha- sthāpite-tathāgata-samyak-saṃbuddha.”

At this time all the tathagatahs of 10 directions all praised Sakya-munis-tathagatah and said: “Sadhu! Sadhu! We are able to be empowered with miracles of tathagatah and tell the hetupratyaya (因緣/cause) of the past and showed us this secret dharani. This dharani is the secret of all tathagatahs. It is the mother of all tathagatahs. It is the heart of all secret dharani. It is the secret dharani of all tathagatah that turning dharma wheel, it is the dharani that enables all tathagatahs to travel between dharma centres, it is the secret mantra for all tathagatahs to go to their secret lion thrones. It is the secret mantra for all tathagatahs to perform miracles at wills. It is the secret dharani for all tathagatahs to achieve perfect paramita. It is the secret dharani for all tathagatahs to teach about prajna paramita (wisdom).

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This is the secret dharani of all tathagatahs, it is the secret dharani of all tathagatahs’ mandala, it is the secret dharani of dhārayati mudra (堅持印) of all tathagatahs, it is the secret dharani of koti lights of all tathagatahs, it is the dharani of the fact of all tathagatahs, it is the secret dharani of samadhi, miracles creation and empowerment of all tathagatahs, It is the secret dharani of all bodhisattva, bodhi heart and solemn. It is the secret dharani of all bodhisattvas in preparation to be tathagatahs. It is the secret dharani of all encompassing Samadhi and it is the secret dharani of ultimate obstacle removal.”

Now you said that at that time, Sakya-munis-tathagatah-samyak-sambuddha meditated upon wisdom of right mindfulness (正念智) and he observed that all the tathagatahs emitted loud Sanskrit melodies and also emitted hundreds and thousands koti of nayuta types of lights. It is so-called green, yellow, red, white and purple filling the tathagatah worlds of all 10 directions. After the lights were emitted in the warning of all tathagatahs, the lights again return to Sakya-munis-tathagatah by encircling him 3 times and entered into the head of Sakya-munis.

At this time the Sakya-munis sang in beautiful Sanskrit melody and in the presence of the congregation, he spoke the vigilance dharani:

Om sarva tathagatah mani suprabhe jvala jvala dharma vajri garbhe mani mani maha mani tathagatah hridaya mani svaha


After mentioning the vigilance dharani, the mountain and earth experienced 6 types of quake, and all tathagatahs praised in one voice: “Sadhu! Sadhu! Sakya-munis-tathagatah, you are very good in this type of supreme secret dharani. Golden clouds of Jambu appear in the sky filling all 10 directions. And rains of 7 treasures poured from the clouds, it also rains naga-dradha-candana (sandalwood) powder and udambara flower as offering. And it also rains various beautiful flowers, lotus, kumuda flowers, puṇḍarīka flowers, suvarnjuthica flowers (蘇巘地迦華), madala and maha-madala flowers (曼陀羅華), raja and maharaja flowers (嚧遮華), manjishtha and maha-manjishtha flowers (曼殊沙華), sumana flowers, marisiva flowers (末利師華) and jambu flowers (瞻蔔華) as offerings to Sakya-munis-tathagatah. All Mara palaces caught fires and all demonic crowds were extremely worried. There were wilt and haggared. All of the obstacle makers Vinayaka were awed, they sweated bad smell and dirty and all of them dispersed towards 10 directions.

All deva now have pure fate in Buddhism. And also deva, naga, yaksa, gandharvas, asuras, gaudas, kinaras, mahoragas, humans and non-humans all came and make offerings to the Buddha. Mani-loka-cintana-bodhisattva (摩尼照曜思惟菩薩) was the leader together with uncountable number of koti nayuta hundreds thousands of bodhisattvas. All of them were holding offering substances faithfully make offerings to Buddha. At that time Vajrasattva was the leader; together with uncountable hundreds and thousands of magicians; all holding various hundred thousands of deva-garments as offerings to the Buddha. Also there were 4 heavenly king together with uncountable hundreds thousands billions of retinues offered Buddha with various incense, flowers, incense paste, incense powder, flower garlands, garments, banners and canopies.

And again there are Brahmadeva and Brahmana came and make their offerings, also the Trāyastrijśat-deva (三十三天/33 Heaven) together with hundred thousand billions of demigods (天子); with Indra as the leader to make offerings to the Buddha. Followed by Narayana, Mahesvara, Mani-bhadra (寶賢/Yaksa), Purna-bhadra (滿賢), Bhadra-bala (賢力) and etc heavens all came and made offerings. Also the demigods from the Sun and Moon made offerings to the Buddha in the sky. Also there are Sri-Mahadevi (大吉祥天女), Sarasvati (大辯才天女), Dakini (餉企尼), Hariti(訶利底), Yaksa together with uncountable hundreds thousands of Yaksa as retinues. Also there are Bhima-Mahadevi (毘摩大天女), Vajra-kalidevi (金剛迦離天女), Puṣpa-dantīdvei (華齒天女), Cetaka-Mahadevi (使者大天女), hundreds thousands billions of individuals offerings of devapura (天宮殿) to the Buddha.

And there are uncountable numbers of Gandharva (彥達嚩), they played hundreds and thousands of melodies as offerings to the Buddha. Also there are uncountable numbers of nagaraja (dragon kings) congregations. There are so-called: Sāgara-nāgarāja (娑竭羅龍王), Nanda-nagaraja (難陀龍王), Upananda-nagaraja (鄔波難陀龍王), Varuna-nagaraja (嚩魯拏龍王), Sadhu-sthiti-nagaraja (善住龍王), Ratnaśikhī-nagaraja (寶髻龍王) and viśva-samanta-rupa-paripūrṇa-nagaraja (普遍形圓滿龍王). All of them offered various precious lights and smells to the Buddha. At that time the earth transformed into vajra and a 7 treasure hundred petals lotus emerged in front of the Buddha. There is a Jambu-vajra-sahasrāra-chakra (贍部金剛千輻寶輪). It is as bright as a sum and its light is all encompassing throughout the three thousand worlds (三千大千世界). Melodies were heard from the centre of the wheel: “Sadhu! Sadhu! Sakya-munis-tathagatah, since you have spoken this secret dharana. And you can turn this unsurpassed dharma wheel and you can reach the great Boddhi court. This dharani is the bright heart of all tathagatahs. It is the true mata (points) and gist of all tathagatahs. Hopefully, Blessed One shall again preach about this Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani.You have spoken the vigilance dharani, and from this dharani, it shall alert all tathagatahs and the retinues to come and congregate. Blessed One, it is time that you preached this secret dharani. Blessed One, this dharani is the root to become Buddha. It can remove all sins and make sea of sorrows become exhausted. It can overcast all living and death; it can cross turbulences of all sufferings. Without this great dharani mantra king, no one can achieve enlightenment.

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This dharani is the seed of becoming Buddha. It is the major turning of dharma wheel; it is the lighting of great dharma torch. It is the building of great dharma banner and blowing great dharma conch. It is the striking of the great drum of dharma and it is the lion throne of dharma. Sadhu! Hopefully Blessed One shall preach to all sentient beings about this great dharani king mandala, mudra and the methods of drawing holy images.”

At this time, the assembly was as if clouds congregated together. There were deva, naga, yaksa, gandharvas, asuras, gaudas, kinaras, mahoragas, humans and non-humans etc. The all gave rise to rare and special intentions. All of them bowed to the Buddha, then stared at his face and halted. Then the Buddha heard the earnest supplication of general assembly, he started to talk about the Dharani king of religious teaching method.

Chapter 2: The Fundamental Dharani


At that time, the Buddha told the general assembly: “Now I preach about this king of dharani. This dharani can accomplish unsurpassed bodhi. Anyone who recites this dharani shall have his sins removed and he shall have a purified body. Now I immediately say the fundamental dharani as follows:

Namah sarva tathagatanam. Om vipula grahbe mani prabhe tathagata nidarsane mani mani suprabhe vimale sagara gambhire hum hum jvala jvala Buddha vilokite guhya dhistita garbhe svaha.

After the Buddha has completed mentioning this secret dharani, the earth gave forth 6 types of vibrations. It rained precious jewels and beautiful flowers. All of the people in the assembly were overwhelmed with joy that they have not experienced before. It can enable all good dharma to achieve siddhi and to attain the 10 stages (十地).”

At this time all of the tathagatahs of 10 directions together praised the Sakya-munis-tathagatah: “Sadhu! Sakya-munis-tathagatah, you have said this dharani that can lead to bodhimaṇḍa (菩提道場/bodhi-site). Anyone who just listens to this dharani, all the bad intents shall be removed; whoever thinks of this dharani and make offerings of good incenses, flowers, incense paste and powers to the tathagataths of 10 directions; ant that he further recites this dharani, he shall attain this non-retrogressing enlightenment. Until a fabulous period of time, the praises of all tathagatahs shall not cease on this dharani. This dharani is victorious, all of the demonic forces shall not be able to create troubles, all of the enemies, bad folks, ghosts, deva, yaksa, raksa, human and non-human cannot take advantages of him. He shall give rise to uncountable quantity of kusala-mula (善根/good intentions). Anyone who merely recites this dharani shall have unlimited fortune; more so if the person can recite the dharani consistently, then the fourtune shall be immeasurable.”

Then, Vajrasattva, Yaksa and the 4 heavenly kings went to where the Buddha is and they hold their hands together respectfully. After they bowed to the feet of the Buddha and paused. They said to the Buddha: “Blessed One, we shall support and recite this dharani for the benefits of sentient beings. We shall empower and foster it so that all shall be happy.”

On hearing that, the Buddha opened his golden arms and rubbed against the head of Vajrasattva and comforting the 4 heavenly kings and said: “I passed this dharani to you, and whoever recites this dharani; you shall protect him.”

At this time, Vajrasattva and the 4 heavenly kings said to Buddha: “Blessed One, we shall follow your advice. We shall take this great dharani and shall protect any sentient being whoever recites this dharani.”

Chapter 3: The Heart And Follow Heart Dharani



And the Buddha again said the heart dharani (心陀羅尼) as:

Om mani vajri hum


And the Buddha again said the follow heart dharani (隨心陀羅尼) as:

Om mani dhari hum phat


If reciting the fundamental dharani, there is no need to choose a specific timing, there is no need to fast or eat vegetables. But he should recite the dharani for 10,000 times and in front of the Buddha statue or śarīra-stūpa. On the 15th day of a White Month, he should clean himself and wear clean garments. He should make offerings according to his ability of 4 oil lamps and spread various fragrant flowers.

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The one who recites dharani should eat three whites and encircling stupa 108 times while chanting dharani for 108 times. And that he should sleep at an appropriate place. Tathagatah shall appear before him at dawn together with Vajrasattva. All his wishes shall be granted. Anyone who committed the 5 serious sins should perform ritual as above for 3 times if he wanted to see results. He should recite the dharani for 108 times at dawn then whatever he wishes for shall be granted. All visa (蠱毒/Voodoo) and poisons cannot harm him. The water cannot drown him. The fire cannot burn him. No robbers can rob him and that he shall not fall sick. Injustice shall not be fallen upon him. He shall not suffer from serious illnesses and any other types of illnesses such as: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, mouth, teeth, lips, headache, limbs and joint pains or Malaria.

He shall not be harmed by poisonous snakes and fierce animals such as tigers and wolves. All of evil curses shall not be effective on him. The power of this dharani is as such that it shall be able to pacify all fears and remove all evil obstacles. It shall give rise to all merits and accomplish the 6 paramitas. It can achieve the state of tathagatahs. Anyone who starts to chant this dharani shall accomplish all careers. If a person hike to the top of a mountain and recite this dharani, all sins of sentient beings that fall with his sight range shall be removed. They shall not suffer the punishement of hell and that they shall not be reborn as animals. If he entered the temple of deva and recite this dharani, then all the devas shall embrace Buddhism.

If he enters into a naga lake and recites this dharani, then all of the naga tribes shall come and seek refuge. If he recites this dharani in front of the sun, then the sun demigod shall appear in front of him. Whatever he asks for shall be granted.

If he recites this dharani in front of Vajrasattva, then Vajrasattva shall appear in front of him; whatever he wishes for shall become true.

If he get some vacā roots and hold them in his mouth while reciting dharani for 1080 times. After that if he then enters the palace to give a speech and then he shall be trusted by concubines and maids.

If he empowers pepper seeds and holds them in his mouth, then whatever he said shall be trusted and people shall be happy to hear him.

If he empowers white mustard seeds 1080 times and throws them into the air, then all strong winds, thunders and hail storms shall subside.

If he empowers salt for 1080 times and gives it to māṇava (淨行婆羅門) and they shall beloved him. Whoever consumes the salt shall like him.

If he wanted to beloved by satria (剎利/warrior), then use white mustard seeds to perform homa for 1080 times and he shall beloved by them.

If he empowers benzoin for 1080 times and burns it in front of a person possessed by spirits, then the spirits shall leave.

During a draught, first one should use cow dung to paint the earth and make a square mandala measuring 4 elbows length on each side. In the center of the mandala one should draw a water pond green in color measuring two elbows length. One should make a naga figure with a mixture of cow dung and mud. The naga’s upper body is that of a bodhisattva with 3 snake heads as hairs. Below its waist is the serpent body. It is coiled inside the pond. The body of the naga should be painted with sindūra (黃丹) and hence red color. One piece of gold foil should be paste on the heart of the naga. Lotus should be drawn with white chalk encircling the mandala. Also on the four corners of the mandala shall be inserted with 4 numbers of arrows. The arrows should be tied with strings of 5 colors. Small 5 color banners should be hung on a piece of string that encircles the mandala. Also 4 numbers of water vases are placed at the four corners together with incense burners. Again use 4 small bottles: one fill with milk, one fill with cheese, moose milk and granulated sugar. 4 oil lamps and 4 types of incenses should be lit: so-called benzoin, mastic leaves (董陸), white sandalwood, turusika. One should spread 7 types of grains (barley, wheat, paddy, green beans, rapeseeds, mustard seeds and white mustard seeds) and also offering foods of 5 colors together with flowers and fruits. The one who is performing the ritual should be seated facing east. First he should get some white mustard seeds and recites dharani for 1080 times. And then take a white mustard seed, recite dharani once and nail it onto the head of the naga. After he has done 1080 times, the naga shall bring rain fall. All of the nagas shall be subdued. If he wanted to stop the rain, then recite white mustard seed for 108 times and throw it into the Naga Lake and the rain shall stop. If fierce wind and hail storm, then use Kataka wood to make a nail and nail it onto the bank of the lake and the hail storm and wind shall stop. If one wishes to catch Vinayaka, then take white mustard seed and recite dharani for 108 times and nail it onto the head of Vinayaka. By doing so, the Vinayaka shall not be able to disturb anyone. One can wash the Vinayaka with milk if he wants to release it.

By doing all of the above, all his doings shall have accomplishment. The person should always wear clean and fresh garments.

This is the fundamental dharani method.


Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani Sutra (I)


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Vipulagrabhe Maniprabhe Tathagata Dharani Sutra (II)



Chapter 4: The Accomplishment Of Heart Dharani


Anyone that wants to accomplish the heart dharani, then he should recite this dharani for 100,000 times and he shall see all thathagtahs. If he recites 200,000 times, then he shall be able to see all Buddha lands.


If he recites 300,000 times, then he shall be able to enter all mandala, he shall accomplish all accomplishments in any mantras. After he recited 400,000 times, then he shall become the king magician who turns the dharma wheel.

If he recites 500,000 times, then he shall be able to enter all asaru, lersi and naga caves.

If he recites 600,000 times, then he shall be able to see any hidden treasures.

If he recites 700,000 times, then he shall be able to remember everything in his past lives.

If he recites 800,000 times, then he shall attain the mani-mudra-samadhi (寶印三摩地).

If he recites 900,000 times, then he shall be blessed by all bodhisattvas in a miraculous way.

If he recites 1,000,000 times, then he shall be empowered by all tathagatahs and he shall meet with all tathagatahs.

His virtue and wisdom (福慧) shall be many folds and he shall receive unlimited glorious merits. If he made 5 unforgiveable sins (五無間罪), defamation of sage, defamation of dharma and that he should be cast into Avīci (阿鼻地獄). If he recites this dharani for 100,000 times, then all his sins shall be removed, and he shall attain the non-retrogressing Buddha-knowledge of transmigratory forms of all beings (宿命智). All of the tathagatahs shall protect and look after him. His eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body shall be purified and his shall obtain unlimited glorious merits. All the merits shall transform into further purification of his body. In addition, he shall obtain various worldly karma accomplishments according to his wishes.

Also about the manaḥ-śilā/realgar  (雄黃) method: first get some good realgar and put in a copper container. Starting from the 13th day of a White Month, one should clean himself and then wear clean garments. He should eat three white foods, so-called: milk, cheese and rice. After that he should empower the realgar in front of the Buddha for 100,000 times until the night of the 15th day. The thus empowered realgar shall present 3 types of accomplishment signs: if it became warm, smokes or flames then those are signs of accomplishments. If the realgar is warm, then anoint it on his forehead, and then he shall obtain Andana (安怛那/transcendental bliss) accomplishment: he shall be able to enter any asaru and lersi caves and the naga palace. He shall accomplish the Vidyadhara Cakra-raja status. Whatever he does shall be successful. If the realgar smokes, then use it to anoint his eyes and he shall be able to see where all bodhisattvas stay, and all vajra tribes and similar bodhisattvas. All of the demons shall not harm him and he shall receive all dharma treasures. Where ever he goes shall not be blocked. If the realgar flames, he shall be able to fly in the air and also accomplishes the idem-aloka-dharani-samadhi (燃炬陀羅尼三摩地). He shall be the master of Trāyastrijśat-deva (三十三天) and he shall get whatever he wishes.

If he goes to the top of a mountain and recites the dharani for 10,000 times; he shall beloved by all sentient beings. He shall be respected by all sentient beings in the Jambu.

If he enters the lake and recites dharani for 1080 times, all naga tribes shall be subdued. And if he empowers white mustard seeds for 1080 times and throws them into the air, rain shall fall; and all nagas shall be subdued.

If he recites the dharani everyday, then he shall be super auspicious. If he falls sick, then he shall fill a vase with water and put one portion each of: indra-hasta (白及藥), palāśa (赤及), white mustard seeds, tulip, and white sandalwood into the vase; and then empower the substances for 10,000 times. After the ritual, one should pour the medicine water onto his head. By doing so, all serious illnesses shall be removed. And this shall also remove all sins. All of the black magic workings shall be removed, everything shall become super auspicious. If one suffers from scabies; then he can use the above medicated water to bath and his scabies hall be gone too. If he suffers from Vitiligo (白癜風), then use the above medicated water to shower and the Vitiligo shall be removed.

If there are ladies wanting to give birth to a baby boy, then use the medicated water to pour onto their heads and they shall give birth to baby boys.

If anyone who have recited dharanis for a long time and there is no sign of success, then he can use the above method to speed up the siddhi process. As such, all of the worldly and non-worldly requests shall become true.

Chapter 5: The Accomplishemnt Of Follow Heart Dharani



If one recites the follow heart dharani for 10,000 times, all of the spirits who created troubles shall come and bow onto his feet and say: “Magician, please help us, don’t kill us. Use us as you wish, whatever you decided, we shall accomplish.”

If he recites dharani for 21,000 times, then all deva-naga shall come and serve him as the lord of heaven. Whatever he says shall be accomplished.

If he recites 30,000 times, all of the spirits and yaksas shall be subdued.

If he recites 40,000 times, whoever he conjures shall come as his will.

If he recites 50,000 times, whatever he wishes to summon: deva, naga, raksa, varuna (蘗嚕拏), kinara (緊那羅), asura, mahoraga (摩護囉), lersi, maids, saramana or brahmana, satria, raja, queen, ministers and any other folks shall be according to his wishes.

If he burns benzoin and white mustard seeds; and recites 60,000 times then he shall attain vimala-samadhi (無垢三摩地/stainless-samadhi).

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If he recites dharani for 70,000 times, then he shall be the cakravartin (轉輪王) of magicians.

If he recites 80,000 times, then Vajrasattva nad retinues shall come to the person.

If he recites 90,000 times, then all bodhisattvas shall come forth to protect him.

If he recites 100,000 times, then he shall be able to see all tathagatahs. These tathagatahs shall come to this person and say: “Virtuous man, if you want to go to the lands of Buddha, you can go without any hindrances. You shall be proficient in all mantras, sustras and sastras (經論). You shall be blessed by all tathagatahs and attain non-retrogressing samyak-sambodhi and various worldly and non-worldly dharmas. Whatever you wish shall be granted by all tathagatahs.”

Chapter 6: Various Acara Dharani



Mantra for seats (坐真言):

Om moni kuntali hum hum svaha

Recite 7 times and then be seated and perform subsequent supporting methods.

Secondly the mantra for boundary protection (結壇界真言):

Om mani viragatara tara hum phat svaha

Recite this mantra 7 times to empower white mustard seeds and throw them around the altar and hence becoming boundary protection.

Secondly, making 10 directions mantra (結十方界真言):

Om jvala dharma nilujira sri ni hum hum phat

Recite this mantra to empower perfume and mixes with white mustard seeds for 108 times and throw at all 10 directions hence making boundary protections for 10 directions.

Mantra for avoiding Vinayaka (辟毘那夜迦真言):

Om mani para bhavati hara hara hum hum phat svaha

Recite this mantra onto ashes and water for 21 times and spread onto 10 directions.

Mantra for top bun (頂髻真言曰):

Om vajra mani tista tista hum hum phat

Recite this mantra for 7 times. Using right hand as fist with thumb raised and then rub top of head with thumb and encircling head rightwards 3 times hence becomes the body armor.

Empowering garments mantra (加持衣真言曰):

Om mani waipuri diri diri hum phat

Recite mantra 7 times to empower clothing.

Mantra for washing and rinsing (洗漱真言曰):

Om vimiyan vati hara hara maha mani hum hum phat

Recite this mantra to empower water for washing and rinsing mouth, also for sprinkling on to the body. The water can purify all.

Mantra for washing and bathing (洗浴真言曰):

Om sunie mara vati hara hara poben mili mili hum svaha

Recite this mantra to empower white mustard seeds and water for 108 times for bathing.

Mantra for protection (護真言):

Om mani dari hum hum phat

Reciting this mantra on to water and sprinkle onto all incense, flowers, fruits, foods and beverages and all utensils; all in all, use this mantra for empowerment and protection.
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Mantra for divine string (神線真言):

Om tiri tiri vimara kari hum hum phat

Mantra for making offerings (獻真言):

Om sarva tathagata pura mani hum hum

Empower all flowers with this mantra; also recite it while throwing them.

Mantra for paste incense (塗香真言):

Om sarva tathagatah gandha mani saparana hum

Mantra for burning incenses (燒香真言):

Om jvari dharma nimara juta saparana viti hum

Mantra for light (燈真言):

On jvari tasika lita vari hum hum phat

Mantra for offering food (獻食真言):

Om para vara naivedya vati sara sara hum hum

Mantra for offering scented water (獻閼伽真言):

Om maha mani puraya tara tara hum hum

Mantra for offering food etc (奉獻供養物及食等真言):

Om maha vimali hum hum para para hum

Mantra for homa (護摩真言):

Om jvara Sapura yayana para dharani hum hum

Mantra for empowering mala (加持念珠真言):

Om rudraska mani paramitaya hum

Use this mantra to empower mala 7 times. When recites mantra, move one bead after one recitation. This shall accomplish mantra of tathagatahs once until uncountable number of times.

Mantra before recitation of mantra (念誦時真言):

Before actual mantra recitation, first recite the below:

Om vajra mami kara cinkali hum hum phat

Mantra for lotus seat (結跏坐真言):

Om supara motita viyi mani mani svaha

Mantra for vigilance of tathagatahs (警覺一切如來真言):

Om sarva tathagata vayu ravi tara tara hum mani ghanani svaha

Mantra for inviting all tathagatahs (請一切如來真言):

Om vipura para vali dhuru dhuru hum hum

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Mantra for wish fulfilling (求願真言):

Om sarva tathagatah dhistana citta sam rokya tsana vajri hum hum


Mantra for requesting bodhisattva to grant wish (求菩薩願真言):

Om suvi pura warnani hara hara hum


Mantra for invitation of deva-naga (請一切天龍真言):

Om abhi samaya vajri dhara dhara hum

Mantra for invitation of the 4 heavenly kings (四天王等真言):

Om mani viya wati hum

Mantra for empowering disciples (加持弟子真言):

Om supar mani hulu hulu hum

Mantra for empowering disciples to enter mandala (加持弟子令弟子入壇真言):

Om sarva tathagatah hari naya vajri ni dhara dhara hum hum

Mantra for food offerings to holy assemblies (獻一切佛一切菩薩諸天等食真言):

Om wira wira saya yana vasi mira hura hu hum hum

One should use this mantra to empower incense, flower, food and drinks when making offerings.

Mantra for protection (護身真言):

Om mani suam pani viya vati raksa raksa hum

Mantra for requesting departure (奉送諸聖眾真言):

Om sarva tathagato jurumidhi samora viyati jvala jvala hum hum svaha

This is a mantra for common use, so-called: to request departure, to offer arghya (閼伽/scented water), incense, flowers, food and beverages.

The above are all heart mantras. One should recite 108 times each and then use them in actual ritual workings. Only then the mantras are empowered to purify all sins, to remove all miseries and troubles. All tathagatahs shall be determined to recognize his bodhi effort. And he shall achieve enlightenment. All of his past bad sins shall be vanished after reciting these mantras; in addition, he shall obtain unlimited numbers of merits. He shall attain enlightenment and hence turning the dharma wheel.

Chapter 7: Setting Up Mandala



At this time, the Blessed One said the mandala ritual. One must first choose an auspicious place according to timing and of the method. And then create the mandala. The mandlal should measuring 4 elbows length with 4 doors. It should be painted with cow dung mixes with soil. On the mandala should be setup a white canopy the size of the mandala. One should measures a two elbows length and makes a small square mandala. He should first paint it with white sandalwood powder, and then tulip incense to rub it. Then he should use powders of 5 colors, or draw also possible; he should a new container to mix the color powders. After that he should draw a 7 treasure lofty building in the small square mandala.

He should draw the figure of a Buddha inside the lofty building. The Buddha is giving dharma talk. In front of the Buddha is a lotus, it is adorned with 7 types of treasures. There is a chakra in the center of the lotus, it has hundred spokes and adorned with gold. On the brim of the chakra are burning flames. The stem of the lotus is made of glass. On the left of Buddha is the Vajrasattva bodhisattva, in wrathful form. He is holding a vajra in his right hand and a white whisk on his left. On the right of the Buddha is the mani-vajra bodhisattva. He is adorned with various muktahara (瓔珞) and he is holding a precious pearl in his left hand while his right hand is holding a white whisk. On the four corners of the building should be drawn the 4 heavenly kings. They are wearing body armors and holding weapons. They are also wearing various crowns and necklaces as ornaments. All of them are in wrathful forms. In the middle of the small square mandala, one should draw a path of 7 treasures. One should set up an umbrella measuring one elbow length. Banners should be hung around the umbrella. On the east door of the big mandala, one should hang 5 color silk banners and use four gold vases to fill with perfume water.

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(… To be continued…)

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