The Avalokitesvara Cintamani Dharani Sadhana (如意摩尼轮陀罗)


The Avalokitesvara Cintamani Dharani Sadhana

大正藏第 20 册 No. 1084 观世音菩萨如意摩尼轮陀罗尼念诵法

No. 1084

The main mantra:

Namo.ratna-trayaya.nama-arya-valokite-svaraya.hodhi-satvaya.maha-satvaya. jvala.akarsaya.hum.phat.svaha.

If there are any disciples who chew some willow shoots and then recite the above mantra for 10,000 times will see the manifestation of Cintamani Avalokitesvara and have their wishes granted.

There are no restrictions as to whoever wanted to recite this mantra: whether if they are monks, common folks, drink alcohol, consume meat or married. Anyone who recites this mantra will attain accomplishment. There is no need to perform ritual, select auspicious date, no need to fast and no need to change clothing. Just recite direct and accomplishment shall be achieved. This is recorded widely in sutras:

The main mudra:

First, clasp both palms and two middle finger tips touching each other. Both of the middle fingers should be slightly bent. Both of the thumbs erected and they are placed above the heart. Now recite the above main mantra 7 times and release the mudra on top of the head. If summonses need to be done, then move both of the thumbs to and fro. Due to the power of mantra and mudra, our self is just as if the powerful Yidam. No demons can take advantage.

And then recites the heart mantra:


Then the heart follow mantra:


Secondly, the right hand is placed on top of the left hand with palm facing upwards. Now, use the right small finger to hook onto the left thumb. And use the right thumb to hook onto the left small finger. Recite the mantra:

Om. Arya-vakokitesvaraya-bodhisatvaya.Mahasatvaya.Mahakarunikaya. Tadyatha. Om.Cinkali.cinkali.mahacinkali.cinkalitali.cinkalitara.syaha.

Recite the above mantra with mudra 3 times and release the mudra ontop of the head.

The Hayagriva Avalokitesvara setting boundary protection mantra mudar (there are 3 uses):

First, clasp both hands with middle fingers, ring fingers and small fingers crisscrossing and rest on the back of hands; both of the index fingers erect but the finger tips slightly bent and living a gap of about 12mm between index finger tips. Move the index finger tips to and fro. Both of the thumbs erect and attached to each other.

Recite mantra:


The Maha Dharmakaya Hayagriva Mudra:

Both the wrists crossed with index fingers, middle fingers and ring fingers crossing and hooking with each other. While the small fingers lean on each other erect. Both thumbs bent towards the palm. Move both of the palms to and fro repeatedly:

The mantra:


The mudra of Dharmakaya Hayagriva:

Crossing both writs with all four fingers crisscrossing each other, with both thumbs leaning on each other’s back. Band the tips of thumbs and move the thumb to and fro:

Recite the below mantra:


Following, do the set up the protective boundary using Hayagriva Avalokitesvara mudra:

Both hands clasped with thumbs and ring fingers band towards the center of both palms with ring fingers touch on each other’s back. Both of the thumbs should be slightly bent but not touching each other. Now recite the mantra:


Recite 3 times and turn the mudra 3 times. All demonic forces will disperse. Turn the mudra clockwise 3 times and a strong boundary will form.

The above protection method also uses the Bikaloti mudra to perform boundary protection.


Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Bikakoti Earth Protection Method

Crossing both wrists and with middle, ring and fingers crossing each others in a reverse manner; with right hand on top of left. Both of the thumbs lean straight on back to back. Both of the index fingers slightly bent back to back. Point both of the thumbs towards the ground and recite:


People of all abilities may practise this sadhana.

All the wise people who recite this mantra will have great peace. All endeavors will have accomplishments; they will be rich and abundance. Buddha of three times preached this mantra when they are still human. One should not tell this mantra simply or the miracles will vanish. Only a master can possess it.

If this mantra is told lightly, one will cast down to the lower three realms. All those who recite this mantra in an unholy place will end up as above mentioned. If one recites this mantra when hugged by a woman, great accomplishment entails. But one must think of and seek refuge to Cintamani Avalokitesvara.

Man or woman who recites this mantra should recite this mantra after midnight and morning before breakfast. It doesn’t matter how many times; 1000 or 108 times depending on one’s ability. But please don’t simply add or subtract the numbers. Whoever recited this mantra for 30,000 times, he will be able to see all of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas. This mantra is the supreme mantra of all. Mere one recitation can harness many merits.

Moreover, if one recites this mantra everyday then the merit cannot be thought of. If the mantra is recited 100,000 times, all the worldly and not worldly accomplishments shall be accomplished. If one recites this mantra 1,000 times, then his body will entered into Buddha realms. He will meet all Buddha and accomplish enlightenment. Anyone who wanted to recite this mantra should draw the image. Do not add gum to the coloring material. Instead, use kundura juice as the gum. The one who want to draw the image must first go through the 8 percepts.

The image of the bodhisattva should be in a thoughtful expression, with 6 arms. His top left hand holds a golden wheel, center holds a lotus and the lower left hand pressed onto a mountain. His top right hand as if pondering, center right hand holds a cintamani, the lower right hand holds prayer beads. A 32 petals lotus is under his right foot. A Buddha is on top of his head with perfect features and riding on full moon. The bodhisattva is emitting bright light as if moonlight. One should also draw the image of ferocious Hayagriva on the right with fierce flames and perfect features. His upper fangs are protruding out and hanging down. The size of the image is according to your convenience.

The practice of all deities depended on two realms which incidentally none other than the practitioner’s heart. Having said so, This Cintamani Avalokitesvara method is the 5 places accomplishments of Vairocana in Vajradhantu and hence my body of lotus born. This is because the Cintamani rituals as compiled by Vajrabodhi belongs to Vajradhatu.

A practitioner can face west etc. performing minor rituals even though he is already following the Vajradhatu methods. As such other methods such as Samadhi methods can also be performed. Or he can also perform the Garbhakosa-dhatu rituals. Having said so, solo practitioners are following the 5 repents of Vajradhantu song and prostration and the 18 methods of training. The 18 training methods are wonderful accomplishment rituals. The one who don’t understand this secret will scorn at it.

These 18 methods were compiled by Amorghavajra (不空三藏) (you can keep it as a secret). Before performing the mudra of Ishta-devata (yidam), one should first perform the mudra of Vairocana and recite the 5 word mantra. Secondly, perform the mudra of Ishta-devata. As such, first one must enter the castle of Vairocana-dhatu. One should swear great compassion oaths. Once one has finished a ritual then one should think that the Ishta-devata perform one’s desires. This is a great secret of an oral transmission. During homa, we should recite the below heart mantra:

Om. Namo.cintamain.jvala.hum.cankamara (this is cintamani).

We can also invite all Buddha, bodhisattvas and vajras to perform pacification rituals or any other rituals. But this method (cintamani) requires a practitioner to face west. This is the method followed by previous masters.

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