Mañjuśrīmūlakalpa Sūtra (曼殊室利焰曼德迦万爱秘术如意法)





Mañjuśrīmūlakalpa Sūtra

At that time Siddharta Gautama Buddha stayed in the Suddhavasa Heaven, he was meditated in lotus position and as he glanced over the holy assembly, he said: All you sons of heaven, you must listen carefully to subtle actions of the Lad Manjusri. (You must know) What is meant by the said supreme mantra for protection and curing sicknesses in performing ceremonial rituals. The Buddha (of all times) praise (this mantra) as the ‘great king of all mantras’. If any kind male and kind female disciples care to recite this single mantra, it is deemed that (the merits) of this mantra equal that of all other mantras. (The power) of this mantra cannot be violated. This said mantra can even summon the Great Lad Manjusri Bodhisattva himself, (and) compel him to perform many other deeds. Moreover, all other Bodhisattvas also recite mantras of this world and beyond in the hope to remove all obstacles. It has hidden fierce forces and great powers, the most effective of all (mantras). This is the ‘single word’ mantra amongst all mantras. The single word in this mantra bestow success to all endeavors and see to the satisfactorily completion of all good deeds. All you heavenly dwellers should listen to this supreme, incredible and yet powerful mantra. Siddharta Gautama Buddha begun to speak the mantra:

“Om Tara Siddham.”

All you heavenly assembly, this one word mantra is the supreme secret of all. No sentient beings dare to go against (this mantra). All ghosts and gods will not dare to get close, all Buddha ensure things become auspicious. Amongst all mantras, this mantra can do what it wants. It is the vijaya (ever winning) of all worlds. Those who ask for wealth shall be granted with freedom of great wealth. (It also) turns the hatred to charity, all feelings to compassion, all defiance to obedient. In summary speaking:

All work shall be accomplished. Even though one does not enter into an altar and recite this mantra directly, once his hands touched others, they will become obliged to follow his will. If he recites this mantra at his clothing, then other people will be fond of him. If this person suffers from toothache, then he can chant the mantra onto a piece of tooth wood (danta-kasta) and rub the wood against the sore tooth; the pain will subside. If he suffers from eye disease, then he should grind some rock salt (saindhava) into powder. Recite the mantra 7 times onto the salt powder and apply this salt into the eye and the pain will go away.

If a person is suffering from ear illness, then he can collect some elephant and horse dunk together with some land fungus, rock salts and mix them in borage oil. After that recite the mantra 7 times and grind them into fine form. This mixture is then heated and finally this potion is poured into the sick ear. The pain will be elevated. If a woman is in labor, and the baby cannot be swiftly delivered and consequently pain in the stomach; then take ‘Adhatoda (atarusa) roots’ or ‘ox knee roots’ and distilled water. Mash them and recite the mantra 7 times. After that, apply the mashed herbs under the woman’s belly button. By doing so, the woman will give birth in ease.

If someone is hit by an arrow and the arrow head is inside his body and cannot be removed safely, then get some old ghee, recite the mantra 108 times and let the person drink the ghee, then the arrow head can be removed easily.

If anyone consume overnight food and hence suffers from indigestive problems, and that he has severe stomachache, vomit and diarrhea, cholera and afraid of dying; then get some black salt, rock salt or any type of salts, recite the mantra 7 times and grind it into powder and then dissolve the salt in a glass of warm water. Let the patient drink the solution and he shall recover.

If a barren lady having difficulties to conceive and that she would like to give birth to baby boy and baby girl, and then take some Ashwagandha roots, cook it in ghee and then mash it. After that mix some yellow cow milk follow by reciting the mantra 25 times. Now, ask the lady to clean herself and drink the potion. Both of husband and wife must vow to be faithful to each other. In doing so, this lady shall be conceived.

Or there is a woman who is still childless after 3~5 years; or after many years. Or she has been cursed or suffered from black magic. Or due to all sorts of sickness or due to other upsets or victim of poisons, anyone due to above bad reasons and failed to have children. She should take some peacock feather and boil it in ghee for a few times. After that grind the feather into powder, mix with some sucrose at the size of dates. Continue to recite the mantra 27 times and the lady should drink the potion completely. Following this and within 7 days; the lady must prepare a drink made of milk with sucrose. She should recite the mantra 7 times and drink the potion she has prepared. If she does what she is asked, then her body shall be purified, all her sickness shall be cured and she shall be pregnant.

If a lady’s menstruation blood fails to cease, then take a handful of grass or Thatch root and boil them in milk, after reciting the mantra for 108 times and drink the milk. Anyone who suffer from migraine, and then they should take a piece of bird feather, recite the mantra for 7 times. After that, they should slowly sweep the painful area and that should get rid of the migraine forever.

If anyone suffers from malaria, whether it happens in one day, two days, three days, four days, or frequently fever, or temporary fever; then he should cook porridge with milk and ghee. He should recite the mantra for 108 times before consuming the porridge. The malaria shall be cured once the porridge is consumed.

If anyone is suffered from black magic or death curses, he should make a wish that the spell to be returned to the sender. He should recite the mantra 108 times personally, and then all curses will be removed.

If anyone is possessed by Kataputana ghost or any other ghosts, or any child diseases that are caused by non-human behaviors, he should recite the mantra 108 times and then rub the patient’s head. By doing so, all of such diseases shall be cured.

If anyone who is bitten by snakes, scorpions or mad dogs; then quickly blow on the wound followed by reciting the mantra 7 times. By doing so, the wound will heal.

Anyone who suffers from leprosy or being too thin, then he should take a bath to clean him, go to a quite place and constantly recite this mantra. By doing so, his sickness shall be cured.

Anyone who recites this mantra should stay away from bad people, filthy and smelly areas, abstain from drinking wine, eating meat and five types of spices*. If one recites the mantra with confident and concentration, then this mantra should be efficacious.

If one recites this mantra once in a day, then it will protect the person.

If one recites this mantra twice, then it will protect his companion as well.

If one recites this mantra thrice, then it will protect the household.

If one recites this mantra four times, then it will protect a village.

If one recites this mantra five times, thin it will protect a township.

If one recites this mantra 100 times, then it will protect a country.

If one recites this mantra 1000 times, then it will protect the world.

In short, reciting this mantra cures diseases, protects oneself and obtain benefits at anytime. The more times a person recites this mantra, then whatever he does will be according to his wish and things will come true.

At that time, all the heavenly dwellers became joyous and decided to put this mantra into practice after hearing the Buddha preached about this ‘one word king mantra dharani’.  (If there are anyone wishes to be liberated, wish to receive great benefits, and to achieve Buddha nature, then he can follow faithfully what has been described in this mantra treasure.)

*garlic, small onions, shallots (small garlic), leeks, big onions.

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